23 oct 2009

Blog of the week: Curious sofa

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In the special Chrismas Ideas issue of  Better Homes and Gardens, at page 96, there is an article about the owner and creative diretor of Curious Sofa, Debbie Dusenberry. Her way to decorate for Christmas intrigued me. It was very original, completely out of the box, I wanted to know a bit more, so I look up her blog, and oh my god it just blew my mind, I couldn’t take off my eyes from the pictures of  the Halloween decoration so brillant!  I wish I could see her antique shop for real. Check out her blog, it’s full with wonders

curious sofa

Here, some pics, don’t forget to visit her blog -and the shop if you live in Kansas

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2 Responses to “Blog of the week: Curious sofa”

  1. Dianne Camoi says:

    I will borrow some of these ideas!

  2. Anita says:

    what a lovely in store shop.Thanks for sharing.

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