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29 jul 2010

île de Ré

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L’île de Ré is probably one of the nicest place in France. It is as nice and inspiring as one of those precious little towns in la Provence, South of France. If you have the possibility to visit it , do so and try to go to Saint Martin de Ré. And do not forget your bike!


28 jul 2010

Schtroumpf Ice cream

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Have you ever taste a Schtroumpf (Smurf) flavour ice cream ? It taste just great, it’s an almond flavour and obviously it’s blue. Enjoy the colour palette.


colourlovers-ice-cream- schtroumpf-nadine-mnemoi

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14 jul 2010

Feel good, be inspired

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This is a picture that I took while ago, but I particularly cherish, when I look at it, I feel good. I thought I’ll share it in the blog, because when you feel good you feel inspired and creative. Enjoy, I also add the colour palette.



13 jul 2010

Designer: RoyalT

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Today, I found a site call Cargo, which is a creative community, and a package caught my eyes. I think the package is fun, I’d love to buy one, mind you, I don’t smoke but I wish I could have that box just to look at it… The designer is Taylor Pemberton from RoyalT.  Check out is website, he’s got a lot of great stuff!




Design by Taylor Pemberton

12 jul 2010

Self promotion card

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Today, I received my postcard from Moo, it was faster that I thought. I did pay for dhl express to make sure that I get them before I’m going on holiday but I wasn’t expect them that early, that was nice. I like the way, it came out, I’m surely going to order some more, when I come back. Now, let’s market ourselves!  And that’s another story…


12 jul 2010

Colour Lovers

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I’ve know the website Colour Lovers for while now, but I only signed up few month ago, and create some palette today. The truth is that I’ve never really thought of doing it but I take a lot of picture, so I may do it regularly from now, and I’ll put the result here. So, I’ll post some photos that I take with the palette colors, please note that I’m not a professional photograph so please indulge me ^3^.  Check out site Colour Lovers, it’s a great place to be inspired, color wise.

04 jul 2010

Chimera Design

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I like super heroes, not as much as husband and sons but enough to be thrilled when I found out -it’s old news ,I know – that Disney was going to open a Marvel theme park in Dubaï. I would prefer in the State or  somewhere in Europe – like in my town for instance- rather than Dubaï, but what the heck, we are talking about a Spidey theme park, here!!!  Anyway, I never come to think of who create the concept of theme park. Must be pretty cool and difficult to do that job. In the case of the Marvel theme park, it’s the company Chimera Design . Well, we’ll have at least until 2012 to save up some money to go all the way there to see “our friendly neighborhood Spiderman” and co!




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