18 oct 2010

Put a smile on your face and go for it

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Today, my hubby took me to this coffee place, that he discovered few weeks ago, where they serve awesome “tapas”. As I wasn’t in the mood to try something new, I went for a simple black coffee and a piece cake.  I was pleasantly surprised, when the waitress brought me a huge piece cake and  a cup of coffee with a little cute heart drawn on it. After a while, my hubby pointed out that although I finished the cake long ago, I didn’t touch yet my coffee, it’s just that it looked so cute, that I didn’t want to drink it, silly of me, at the end I had it cold but still it was unexpectedly one of the best coffee that I drunk lately…

Sometimes, we are so concerned about some little things, that are really not that important but for some kind of unknown reason, we manage to get so obsesses with it  that you end up  losing focus on what should really matter.

Next time I’ll have a tapa and a hot delicious coffee…   ^__^

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