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22 nov 2010

Interview: Naoko Matsunaga

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Today interview is with illustrator Naoko Matsunaga. Her illustrations are delightful and colorful. She illustrates for magazine,advertising etc. Enjoy the interview and  check out her sweet website.

How long have you been in the illustration industry and how did you start?

I have been a full time freelance illustrator for 4 years. I was in the fashion industry as a designer and a pattern maker for 8 years before I became Read more

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04 nov 2010

Relation: Client- illustrator

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I read that quote from The Association of Illustrators “Please do not offer the illustrator less than your budget allows. The very real deterioration in fees is making illustration an increasingly difficult profession to sustain. (An indication of how far fees have fallen can be seen in the editorial market. When you consider that £200 was a common fee for a quarter page magazine illustration in the late ‘80’s, and taking into account the rate of inflation, the same illustration today should be priced at £420 – all too often this is far from the case).” which lead me to read their guide to commissioning an illustrator. It is said that one of the best way to improve the condition of  the illustrator is to “educate” the client. I think that this guide can also be helpful for the illustrators who start in the industry, to know where they’re should stand as it could serve as a little memo.

02 nov 2010

Goals list for 2011

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It’s an international tradition, every year, we set up new goals for the new coming year, sometimes impossible to be accomplish and others that you will have end up doing it anyway so maybe you should have wished for something  a bit more challenging.

This year, I more or less, was able to make it:

-I did sport for 7 months ( I stopped because of summer holidays and now it’s rainning too much and I have so little time —> such lame excuse isn’t it?)

- I considerably reduce my consummation of chocolate -just kidding myself here and worse I drink now more coffee than I used to do-

-I tried and learned a new medium – Big fan of markers, here!!!

- I read, learned ( and applied!) a lot about marketing.


Anyway, I’m babbling about that because Nicole Balch’s article “30 before thirthy ” , gave me an idea. I will put my goals list in the blog and cross them off as I achieved them. How about you?

01 nov 2010

Design agency: VSA Partners

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VSA Partners is an american branding collective . Check out their website and work. Enjoy!

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