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29 dic 2010

Happy Holidays

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Those are some of the christmas cards that I specially designed to send to my customers these years, it’s written in asturian “felices fiestes” which mean “Happy Holidays”.

All my best for the new coming year ! May all your wishes come true!

07 dic 2010

6 ways to Get yourself some “Me” time to boost your creativity

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Sometimes, your mind just can’t keep up,too much paper work , studies, tasks that you don’t like but can’t be avoid, no time to think about creating new stuff, suddenly you feel your brain is about to explode… When this happens, the best thing to do, is take a break:

1# Have a long walk

2# Meet up with some friends

3# Do some sport (not my favorite one…)

4# go photo hunting

5# read something that has anything to do with art.

6# listen to music

Basically, get out from your computer or studio! There is a Life out there. Then, when you come back, take the decision to change something on your daily routine, because is not healthy for your creativity to be in the edge that way, you should always have a daily “Me” time. Obviously, it’s easier to say it than do it, but if you don’t try… and if you need more ideas, Mike brown, from Brainzooming, will give 26 ones!

And this was my “Me” time today: photos hunting with my men. What was yours?

© 2010. Nadine Mnemoi

Me time in the beach la Griega

© 2010. Nadine Mnemoi

04 dic 2010

Goals List for 2011

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How much will I be able to achieve in a year time? As I mentioned in my previous post, here my list. Until the end of the month, I’ll add or take off some task. Then one year to make it true. How about you? if you want, you can leave a message with a link to your goal list.

Here it goes :

-Read a book that doesn’t have anything to do with work.

-Blogging more and better

- Learn to use my oil paints (bought 2 years ago but still brand new)

- Paint a small oil painting

- Paint at least one acrylic painting

- Finish my UFOs ( unfinished project(object) )

-Visit a trade show

- Promote my work in various media (other than digital)

- improve my technique with markers

-Add at least one illustration done with markers in my portfolio

- Add a sponsor section in this blog (not too sure about it)

- Improve or redesign my blogs  (creatively thinking & my artblog ) one to go

- Get the new version of my website ready and online by the end of January    done !

-Create a little fabric collection

-Open a shop online

- Go to London or New York (no snow, no heat…)

- Go back to sport

- Create a more illustrations on canvas and paper

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