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25 ene 2011

My blackberry is not working (the One Ronnie,BBC one)

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This funny video is for blackberry and apple fans or addicts. I really love British humour! And that reference to Apple is so funny but so true. I’ve seen that video in a marketing blog Marty Fahncke and it made me laugh , I thought I will share it with you. Enjoy!

24 ene 2011


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Here are the books that I recently bought and I’m planning on reading.

“Basics Advertising: Art Direction”.  Nik Mahon

Because, I would like to understand a bit more ,what’s behind art direction and in what consist the role art director. So far, I just had an overlook at it, but the book seems pleasant and easy to read, there are a lot of pictures that comes with explanations and tips.  The idea behind that buying was to try to figure out a bit better what’s Creative Directors expect Read more

21 ene 2011

Herrero Bank ad campaign

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The ecoshopper that I illustrated for the 2011 Banco Herrero ad’s campaign “Juntos por Gijón”, just came out this week, I’m thrilled as I wasn’t expecting it, I found out when I went to pick my sons from school. It’s a bit weird, to walk through town and see the ads.

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