15 abr 2011

Look for the bright side

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It’s not because things doesn’t come the way you want, as soon as you want that everything goes wrong. Sometimes, you have to stop and look at the bright side, and seek for an opportunity to do something new or something that you wouldn’t usually do . Some people – sometimes I tend to be one of them- freak out because they can’t get/use internet for a day or even an hour. Obviously, nowadays internet is a very important tool for an artist, but being unable to use it for a short period of time, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. It’s very easy to be hooked on the internet or any gadget in the matter, and we easily  forget that there a Life out there.

*Socialize the old way:

Your internet is not working,so you are very annoyed. You have to socialize to get your name/brand out there, but you can’t tweet,email or get into Fb.  How about snail mail?  Send a postcard with your art on it. How about pick up the phone and give a call?

*Back to basic

You can’t use you computer and you are a digital artist. That’s suck (I hate that when it happens) but you can grip your markers,pencils and draw, sketch or try something new.

*Go out to look for the informations

You were supposed to look for some information, go to the library, to the museum check out a gallery in town.

Don’t waste your time, moaning or be devastated, seek for the opportunity to do something else, or something new. Look for the bright side! Cheer up!

And how could I not finish this post without mentioning the movie of Monty Python “Life of Brian” ^3^  enjoy!

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