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24 ene 2011


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Here are the books that I recently bought and I’m planning on reading.

“Basics Advertising: Art Direction”.  Nik Mahon

Because, I would like to understand a bit more ,what’s behind art direction and in what consist the role art director. So far, I just had an overlook at it, but the book seems pleasant and easy to read, there are a lot of pictures that comes with explanations and tips.  The idea behind that buying was to try to figure out a bit better what’s Creative Directors expect Read more

20 sep 2010

Handbook Pricing & ethical guideline

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Whenever you have a doubt about prices,contracts, one of the advises that is given regularly in the american artists community is “according to the Pricing & Ethical guideline…”. I read that comment so many times that I ended up buying it this summer, in order to see what was all buzz about. And I’m happy, I did it.

I was pleasantly surprise to receive a nice box illustrated with their logo on it. I know, you are supposed to judge a product by his content  It is always nice to receive a product in a nice packaging rather that in a cereal box.The book jacket, illustrated by Noah Woods , is very colorful and nice. That’s for the visual part.

Now, is the book worth the 35$ (+  shipping)? Yes, I think so, pretty much. Not only does the book come with a lot of contract templates, tips, a guideline of prices used in the market, a very good explanation of the standard terms you should expect to see, and much more, but also it’s very well defined and covers most of the industry.

I think this book is a must in an artist bookshelf.


26 dic 2009

children book ad

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It’ s an ad for a children book, I find very cute. The book is from Clementine Derodit a french graphic designer.

Et Toque! from Bupla on Vimeo.

22 sep 2009

Book jacket

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This is the book jacket illustration for La boussole sans aiguille by Kokomoina Bacar Tabibou , a comorian journalist, soon available to purchase at edition de la Lune . I particularly liked doing the jacket of this book as usually comorian literature is different, more down to earth, and the poems here are rather dark, a least most of them. If know french, and like poetry or just like african literature I’ll recommended it.

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