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02 feb 2013

Tanamachi Studio : Lettering

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Do you know Dana Tanamachi? She is an amazing hand-lettering & calligraphy artist. I discovered her art last year , in the magazine of Oprah Winfrey, it was breath taking!!! It’s funny, but before that, I actually never thought about chalk being a great tool for art! (which is a bit surprising as I really enjoy looking at beautiful chalkboard menu… * useless info * ).  Do check out her website, her artwork is candy for eyes!!!!! And if like me you love, watching the artists working, visit her vimeo .

Tanamachi studio

Nagging Doubt Pinot Noir from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

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22 nov 2010

Interview: Naoko Matsunaga

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Today interview is with illustrator Naoko Matsunaga. Her illustrations are delightful and colorful. She illustrates for magazine,advertising etc. Enjoy the interview and  check out her sweet website.

How long have you been in the illustration industry and how did you start?

I have been a full time freelance illustrator for 4 years. I was in the fashion industry as a designer and a pattern maker for 8 years before I became Read more

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01 nov 2010

Design agency: VSA Partners

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VSA Partners is an american branding collective . Check out their website and work. Enjoy!

28 oct 2010

Should I redesign my sofa myself?

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Now that I saw this video, I just want to redesign myself my old sofa and everything else in the house (but let’s be realistic, I’m not a sprucette, I can’t even pretend to be an amateur). Did you see the studio is nice, isn’t it? Have a look at their website, they even have a 2 days workshop, pity it’s way too far for me…

27 oct 2010

Smitten – Tejmilk packaging

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If milk over here looked that way, I would probably start drinking milk ^3^ !

Designed by Fontos Graphic Design

21 oct 2010

Khristian A Howell

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Lately, you probably heard a lot about Khristian A Howell, she’s a surface designer that released her very own first collection,called “High Society” with Anthology fabrics.
I really love those warm color, specially now that it’s summer is all gone… Check out her website and have a look at the video to get to know her a bit more ^3^ Enjoy!

18 oct 2010


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Simone Legno, is an italian illustrator that is fond of  the japanese  culture ,that caught the eyes of Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer cosmetic investors, which lead to the creation of the now well known lifestyle brand Tokidoki.  His style his an elegant “kawaiiness” ,not sure this word exist and my favorite characters are the skulls,the milk box and cactus girl. What’s yours? Enjoy!

13 jul 2010

Designer: RoyalT

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Today, I found a site call Cargo, which is a creative community, and a package caught my eyes. I think the package is fun, I’d love to buy one, mind you, I don’t smoke but I wish I could have that box just to look at it… The designer is Taylor Pemberton from RoyalT.  Check out is website, he’s got a lot of great stuff!




Design by Taylor Pemberton

04 jul 2010

Chimera Design

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I like super heroes, not as much as husband and sons but enough to be thrilled when I found out -it’s old news ,I know – that Disney was going to open a Marvel theme park in Dubaï. I would prefer in the State or  somewhere in Europe – like in my town for instance- rather than Dubaï, but what the heck, we are talking about a Spidey theme park, here!!!  Anyway, I never come to think of who create the concept of theme park. Must be pretty cool and difficult to do that job. In the case of the Marvel theme park, it’s the company Chimera Design . Well, we’ll have at least until 2012 to save up some money to go all the way there to see “our friendly neighborhood Spiderman” and co!




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15 jun 2010

interior designer: Cristina Masferrer

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Cristina Masferrer is a spanish graphic and interior designer. I discover her work last month and I wanted to share it with you. Check it out! Hope you’ll enjoy.




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