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09 jul 2012

How to fix wifi problem with mac

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For those who own the new imac (lion) or are about to buy one, you may have heard (the truth is I didn’t until it happened to me ) that a lot of people had a bug with the wifi such as very slow connection,wifi disconnecting on its own etc. It can become a real pain, it took me literally 4 hours to download only 1 mb from 37mb. I called Apple care* , here’s what I’ve been told to do:
-to call my internet administrator
- ask to change the channel of the router to either 7, 9 or 11 and change the password for WPA 2 personal (keep in mind that I’m living in Spain, so I don’t know if in other countries should be other channel)

I did it and it worked immediately, well I did have to restart my computer. So if you have a wifi problem with your mac, you may want to try that.

Here is a link you may want to check too:


Apple care (Spain)*: 902 151 992 mon-fri from 8am to 8pm

03 feb 2012


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One of my latest favorite iphone app is instagram . You can play with your pictures then share it with social media. It works the 3gs, it’s perfect and you can share with your social media.

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