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04 dic 2012

Moyo issue 2

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The new issue of Moyo is out! It’s even better than the first one. So have a look and enjoy it! There is a great interview of Khritian A. Howell !

Remember that Khristian A Howell had nicely accepted to answer some of my questions for this blog last year?

19 nov 2012

Around the corner: Sevilla

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As I said in a previous post, I went to Sevilla (South of Spain) earlier this year . Sevilla is a beautiful town, with amazing monuments -and great patterns- all around, that can only inspire us. As I’ve got too much pics, I’m thinking on writing another post about it -as soon as I organize them-. By the way, did you know that the Palace in Star war is from Sevilla ( *^____ ^* geeky time *^____ ^*) ? Enough talking ,enjoy Sevilla:


That’s The Palace Queen Amidala   ^3^ , official name: Plaza de España



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03 feb 2012


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One of my latest favorite iphone app is instagram . You can play with your pictures then share it with social media. It works the 3gs, it’s perfect and you can share with your social media.

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05 may 2011

Greg Paprocki

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Do you know the illustrator Greg Paprocki? His artwork is extremely colorful and bright. He worked for big company such as Pepsi, Mattel or MTV. Don’t forget to visit his site. Enjoy!

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28 oct 2010

Should I redesign my sofa myself?

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Now that I saw this video, I just want to redesign myself my old sofa and everything else in the house (but let’s be realistic, I’m not a sprucette, I can’t even pretend to be an amateur). Did you see the studio is nice, isn’t it? Have a look at their website, they even have a 2 days workshop, pity it’s way too far for me…

29 jul 2010

île de Ré

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L’île de Ré is probably one of the nicest place in France. It is as nice and inspiring as one of those precious little towns in la Provence, South of France. If you have the possibility to visit it , do so and try to go to Saint Martin de Ré. And do not forget your bike!


13 jul 2010

Designer: RoyalT

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Today, I found a site call Cargo, which is a creative community, and a package caught my eyes. I think the package is fun, I’d love to buy one, mind you, I don’t smoke but I wish I could have that box just to look at it… The designer is Taylor Pemberton from RoyalT.  Check out is website, he’s got a lot of great stuff!




Design by Taylor Pemberton

12 jul 2010

Colour Lovers

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I’ve know the website Colour Lovers for while now, but I only signed up few month ago, and create some palette today. The truth is that I’ve never really thought of doing it but I take a lot of picture, so I may do it regularly from now, and I’ll put the result here. So, I’ll post some photos that I take with the palette colors, please note that I’m not a professional photograph so please indulge me ^3^.  Check out site Colour Lovers, it’s a great place to be inspired, color wise.

10 feb 2010

Blog of the week: Record the day

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It has been long time since I updated this category. So, here it goes , the blog of this week: Record the day. I don’t know for you, but I recollect a lot of empty boxes,name tags, boxes images from magazine  anything that please me, well this blog is basically this but in a blog (save a lot of place I should start thinking about it for the sake of my house). The blog is wonderful and very inspirational, please visit her blog and also her other blog.




18 ene 2010

Interview: Lucy Truman

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Today’s interview is with Lucy Truman. She is an illustrator from United Kingdom. Her illustrations are very feminine and have this 50′s touch. Check her website, it’s very nice to see!


You are mainly drawing for products, magazine, how and why did you choose this path?

I work for a variety of mediums – I do a lot of editorial / magazine work day to day. But I also work for Publishers and advertising agency for Products such as Kiwi shoe products, Braun, Garnier etc

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