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29 jul 2010

île de Ré

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L’île de Ré is probably one of the nicest place in France. It is as nice and inspiring as one of those precious little towns in la Provence, South of France. If you have the possibility to visit it , do so and try to go to Saint Martin de Ré. And do not forget your bike!


28 jul 2010

Schtroumpf Ice cream

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Have you ever taste a Schtroumpf (Smurf) flavour ice cream ? It taste just great, it’s an almond flavour and obviously it’s blue. Enjoy the colour palette.


colourlovers-ice-cream- schtroumpf-nadine-mnemoi

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14 jul 2010

Feel good, be inspired

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This is a picture that I took while ago, but I particularly cherish, when I look at it, I feel good. I thought I’ll share it in the blog, because when you feel good you feel inspired and creative. Enjoy, I also add the colour palette.



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