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04 dic 2012

Moyo issue 2

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The new issue of Moyo is out! It’s even better than the first one. So have a look and enjoy it! There is a great interview of Khritian A. Howell !

Remember that Khristian A Howell had nicely accepted to answer some of my questions for this blog last year?

14 nov 2012

Surface pattern design

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This year has been for me, the year of patterns, I decided that I will learn more about it and overcome  my fear to make patterns – making patternS has always been a  real nightmare for me, never been able to make them right-. But after visiting Alhambra and Sevilla, how was I supposed to ignore patterns?  So I took different little courses to learn how to make patterns. But, it wasn’t enough I needed to learn more, I tend to be a little obsess when I love something brand new…

So, I enrolled in the course of Art & business of surface pattern design with Raechel Taylor.  It’s been a week and an a half and so far, I’m quite happy .  At first,as the course cost £239, I was a bit afraid to pay that much money and be disappointed, but the truth is, that ABSPD is by far, the best course I took online.

It’s a great value, to be able to learn how to  observe the insight of a peculiar industry from a great designer. And it can be handy to have a grasp on the way  others artists are working, as you can try  and see if it works for you, and if it does, adapt it and integrate it to your daily working routine.

For instance, on the first day, we’ve been ask to take a big sheet, sticking it in a wall next our desk, and doodle on it whenever we could over the next five weeks. Well, I did it a little differently, I taped a big sheet next my desk -is almost as empty as the beginning- but I also put  a smaller one in the kitchen, I already filled up 4 of them. Why? I’m freelancing from home, so eventually, during the day I ended up in the kitchen   hunting for candies and food or making my  zillion cup of coffee, as I have to cook for the kids when hubby isn’t here – yes, I have a wonderful Hubby that not only enjoys cooking, but he’s also a great cook-, so I take advantage, use this time to doodle while cooking. And it’s quite effective and the best I get to doodle other things.

More about the course:

From monday to saturday, around 9:30/10 am (Spanish time), you can read a new lesson in the classroom, full of info,guidance and pics, you usually have one or two exercises. All the homeworks are posted in a private group in  Flickr, where you can comment and talk with other fellow artists.


On my everyday life, I mainly draw women, objects and other things are usually secondary, well for the last ten days, I’ve been drawing everything around me like a crazy coo coo, I’ve produced  a lots of sketches that are ready to be turned into patterns.  I’m paying more attention to things that I usually don’t.

cons: The course is overwhelming, and you can easily have the impression to drawn under infos and not being able to do everything but you have to keep in mind you can do it at on your own pace. (ok, that’s not even a real cons…).

conclusion: well for the moment, it’s five out five stars e-course !

You can check out what I’ve done over here

21 oct 2010

Khristian A Howell

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Lately, you probably heard a lot about Khristian A Howell, she’s a surface designer that released her very own first collection,called “High Society” with Anthology fabrics.
I really love those warm color, specially now that it’s summer is all gone… Check out her website and have a look at the video to get to know her a bit more ^3^ Enjoy!

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