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05 may 2011

Social media

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Are you amongst those people that are still reluctant to use social media for their business? Because it’s too hard. You don’t see the point of using it. You don’t like it or just don’t have the time to learn a new tool for your business. No matter what your reasons are, the fact is Social media is an important key to your business success that you shouldn’t avoid.

It allows you to be in contact with your  actual and potential customers, it helps you to have a presence in the net. Nowadays you can find within a click a million illustrators.  So why not giving a little help to your business? Still not convince? Let’s numbers talk:

This video if from Socialnomics

06 feb 2011

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

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Have you seen the new commercial of Volkswagen? The concept and campaign was created by Deutsch Inc. Made me smile and the end is sweet, well I’m a mom, I would have done the same than the daddy…


25 ene 2011

My blackberry is not working (the One Ronnie,BBC one)

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This funny video is for blackberry and apple fans or addicts. I really love British humour! And that reference to Apple is so funny but so true. I’ve seen that video in a marketing blog Marty Fahncke and it made me laugh , I thought I will share it with you. Enjoy!

25 jun 2010

Ola Coca Cola

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While in South Africa, millions of fans celebrate the World Cup, with the vuvuzuela -whether you love or hate it-, in Brazil, fans can celebrate in the subway with la Ola (Mexican Wave) thank to Coca Cola and the agency JWT Sao Paulo Can you imagine? 16 meters of Ola in 3D! I wish I was there .

Source: Best Ads

24 jun 2010

another way to make some buzz

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We usually tend to think that the best way to get the attention of people, it’s to offer something nice,clean. Well, sometimes to stand out from the crowd you may have to be a bit nasty. This is the video was made by N10, a Swiss branding and communication agency. I found this campaign very funny and unusual but if you think about it not far from the truth…

07 feb 2010

Yann Tiersen

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I don’t usually put music but I really love Yann Tiersen, you know the man who create the wonderful soundtrack of “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain”, – I say it in french because it sound better to me-. Enjoy and have a nice Sunday !

09 dic 2009

Life as a graphic designer

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This is hilarious and cute but sadly so true… (and not only for graphic designer,right?)

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