24 ene 2011


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Here are the books that I recently bought and I’m planning on reading.

“Basics Advertising: Art Direction”.  Nik Mahon

Because, I would like to understand a bit more ,what’s behind art direction and in what consist the role art director. So far, I just had an overlook at it, but the book seems pleasant and easy to read, there are a lot of pictures that comes with explanations and tips.  The idea behind that buying was to try to figure out a bit better what’s Creative Directors expect Read more

16 sep 2010

Interview: Samantha Hahn

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For the first interview after the summer,we have Samantha Hahn. I talked about her ethereal work last week, and now you will be able to find out a bit more about her. Please visit her website and don’t forget to check out her blog too. now enjoy!

How long have you been in the illustration industry and how did you start?
My mom was a freelance illustrator while I was growing  up so I always borrowed her materials and used her drawing table when she was not using it. I was exposed to fashion and magazines and I just loved drawing since the day a crayon was first put in my hand! I went on to study Illustration and receive my BFA from Syracuse University and then I went on for an MA in art education from Columbia University. After my masters degree program I focused on painting for a while but my heart was not fully in the fine art world. Read more

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25 nov 2009

Studio Birdo character design animation

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Sempre Livre Teen from Birdo Studio on Vimeo.


Birdo is a studio of character design animation and graphic motion from  Sao Paulo,Brasil

06 nov 2009

site of the week: illustrator Yuko Yoshioka

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Yuko Yoshioka Japanese illustrator that mainly work for women magazine books and advertisement. I love the way she draw, simple but so sophisticated and feminine. Obviously, her site is japanese, but if you can’t read-which is my case- doesn’t matter you just need your eyes to the see her little beautiful world.

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  • yuko yoshioka
29 oct 2009

Trade Shows, Salon…

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A list of show,that are about to go on. I hope I’ll be able to go to the national stationery as this year wasn’t able to make it -and I  had bought my ticket to the show in 2008!!!- Hopefully this year…

United States:

Americansmart:  6th to 13 th of January The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market

20th to 22nd of March   The Atlanta Spring Gift, Home Furnishings & Holiday Market & The Atlanta International Fine Linen & Home Textiles MarketSM

Cha (craft & hobby association): 24th to 27th of January

National Stationery Show: 16th to 19th of May Annual trade show for the gift and stationery industry

Surtex: 16th to 18th of May  International fair for the sale and licence of design ( textile, wall covering…)


ICHF: international craft and hobby fair- 5th to 8th of november Craft and material art for christmas

Media Pro expo 09: 4th to 5th Advertising and design agencies, brands and the public sector communication 

World licensing expo Xpofair: opening 15 of january  (1year) an online, 3D, virtual licensing event (industry trade magazines Total Licensing and The Licensing Book)



Création et Savoir- Faire: 19th to 23 rd November – Paris Expo  (craft:scrapbook,sewing,embroidery,patchwork,calligraphy -penmanship?-…)

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