18 oct 2010


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Simone Legno, is an italian illustrator that is fond of  the japanese  culture ,that caught the eyes of Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer cosmetic investors, which lead to the creation of the now well known lifestyle brand Tokidoki.  His style his an elegant “kawaiiness” ,not sure this word exist and my favorite characters are the skulls,the milk box and cactus girl. What’s yours? Enjoy!

22 dic 2009

interview: Charuca

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Today’s interview is with Spanish illustrator Charuca.  She’s one of the fews Europeans  that are in the Kawaii Market, market that began to be huge few years ago. Recently, Charuca become a brand and has entered in the licensing world. Be aware! The invasion of Cuties has begun! And if you don’t know what mean kawaii, Charuca is the owner of a blog magazine, which is all about kawaii and cute culture. Can’t speak Spanish? Believe you me, sometimes cuteness doesn’t need words. I love her character designs.  Her licensing brand has its own website.

What does a licensing illustrator actually do?

Actually, I don’t feel myself like a Licensing illustrator, but as an illustrator and designer. In my daily work, I do everything, creating new graphics, product designs, and some advertisement work. I take care of promoting my websites, try to stay in touch with the followers of Charuca. I love my job, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I’d like to do. picture-91
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30 nov 2009

Site of the week: illustrator Thierry Cattant

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The illustrations of Thierry Cattant have this classic 50′s touch. He regularly draws for the french magazine “Voici“, among other things. Don’t forget to check out his section moleskine, it’s pretty cool.

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25 nov 2009

Studio Birdo character design animation

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Sempre Livre Teen from Birdo Studio on Vimeo.


Birdo is a studio of character design animation and graphic motion from  Sao Paulo,Brasil

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