24 ene 2011


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Here are the books that I recently bought and I’m planning on reading.

“Basics Advertising: Art Direction”.  Nik Mahon

Because, I would like to understand a bit more ,what’s behind art direction and in what consist the role art director. So far, I just had an overlook at it, but the book seems pleasant and easy to read, there are a lot of pictures that comes with explanations and tips.  The idea behind that buying was to try to figure out a bit better what’s Creative Directors expect Read more

04 dic 2010

Goals List for 2011

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How much will I be able to achieve in a year time? As I mentioned in my previous post, here my list. Until the end of the month, I’ll add or take off some task. Then one year to make it true. How about you? if you want, you can leave a message with a link to your goal list.

Here it goes :

-Read a book that doesn’t have anything to do with work.

-Blogging more and better

- Learn to use my oil paints (bought 2 years ago but still brand new)

- Paint a small oil painting

- Paint at least one acrylic painting

- Finish my UFOs ( unfinished project(object) )

-Visit a trade show

- Promote my work in various media (other than digital)

- improve my technique with markers

-Add at least one illustration done with markers in my portfolio

- Add a sponsor section in this blog (not too sure about it)

- Improve or redesign my blogs  (creatively thinking & my artblog ) one to go

- Get the new version of my website ready and online by the end of January    done !

-Create a little fabric collection

-Open a shop online

- Go to London or New York (no snow, no heat…)

- Go back to sport

- Create a more illustrations on canvas and paper

02 nov 2010

Goals list for 2011

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It’s an international tradition, every year, we set up new goals for the new coming year, sometimes impossible to be accomplish and others that you will have end up doing it anyway so maybe you should have wished for something  a bit more challenging.

This year, I more or less, was able to make it:

-I did sport for 7 months ( I stopped because of summer holidays and now it’s rainning too much and I have so little time —> such lame excuse isn’t it?)

- I considerably reduce my consummation of chocolate -just kidding myself here and worse I drink now more coffee than I used to do-

-I tried and learned a new medium – Big fan of markers, here!!!

- I read, learned ( and applied!) a lot about marketing.


Anyway, I’m babbling about that because Nicole Balch’s article “30 before thirthy ” , gave me an idea. I will put my goals list in the blog and cross them off as I achieved them. How about you?

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