02 oct 2009

My fave : 1000 trees

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Louez vos jouets enfants chez www.dimdom.fr
Nowadays, Kids have a lots of plastic toys that cost a lot but became easily useless or forgotten somewhere as kids got either bored or too old to play with it. From there, a concept was created, renting a toy. Which is perfect, as not only it’s a good saving,as for a little fee you can often change toys, and saving space in your sweet home but it’s as well eco-friendly, you are not going to accumulate unused plastic toy which are going to end to the trash. In France, for the first time this concept got there through internet, thank to Dimdom, a budding entreprise. What make it my fave website of the moment? Their advertising campaign to get traffic. For their first advertising campaign they decided to go green: planting 1000 trees! For that you just have to published a post about them in your blog with a link to their site -validated your participation with a permalink in their comment. Five trees will be planted for every different blog that participate. So let’s go Green ^3^ !!!


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