05 may 2011

Greg Paprocki

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Do you know the illustrator Greg Paprocki? His artwork is extremely colorful and bright. He worked for big company such as Pepsi, Mattel or MTV. Don’t forget to visit his site. Enjoy!

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24 feb 2011

Sandra Suy

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She’s a stunning fashion illustrator. Her style is soft, feminine and minimalist. Look at her website and if you wish to found out more about her, check out her interview with Livecitizen . Enjoy!

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22 nov 2010

Interview: Naoko Matsunaga

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Today interview is with illustrator Naoko Matsunaga. Her illustrations are delightful and colorful. She illustrates for magazine,advertising etc. Enjoy the interview and  check out her sweet website.

How long have you been in the illustration industry and how did you start?

I have been a full time freelance illustrator for 4 years. I was in the fashion industry as a designer and a pattern maker for 8 years before I became Read more

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04 nov 2010

Relation: Client- illustrator

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I read that quote from The Association of Illustrators “Please do not offer the illustrator less than your budget allows. The very real deterioration in fees is making illustration an increasingly difficult profession to sustain. (An indication of how far fees have fallen can be seen in the editorial market. When you consider that £200 was a common fee for a quarter page magazine illustration in the late ‘80’s, and taking into account the rate of inflation, the same illustration today should be priced at £420 – all too often this is far from the case).” which lead me to read their guide to commissioning an illustrator. It is said that one of the best way to improve the condition of  the illustrator is to “educate” the client. I think that this guide can also be helpful for the illustrators who start in the industry, to know where they’re should stand as it could serve as a little memo.

25 oct 2010

Interview: Solène Debiès

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Remember Solène Debiès and her delightful illustrations that I talk about ? Didn’t  you want to know a bit more about her? Ask no more here it’s the interview. Enjoy! Don’t forget to look at her site!

How long have you been in the illustration industry, and how did you start?

After a first experience in an advertizing agency, I began as a freelance illustrator in the year 2000.

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20 oct 2010


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Ok apparently this week, I’m only going to talk about illustrators that are obviously have a thing for japanese culture. Let me introduce, Misstigri. French painter with a unique style.  She says that Klimt and Mucha -I love Mucha, and I surely will do a post about him- are amongst her influence and it’s easy to see it. You can buy reproduction of her artwork in different shops online , here the link to the list.

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18 oct 2010


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Simone Legno, is an italian illustrator that is fond of  the japanese  culture ,that caught the eyes of Ivan Arnold and Pooneh Mohajer cosmetic investors, which lead to the creation of the now well known lifestyle brand Tokidoki.  His style his an elegant “kawaiiness” ,not sure this word exist and my favorite characters are the skulls,the milk box and cactus girl. What’s yours? Enjoy!

15 oct 2010

Dirty little secret

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This is the graphic novel web series presented by Elle and Tresemme. You can check for more here. Following an interview of Annie Wu, you can check out her porfolio or her blog. Enjoy!

20 sep 2010

Handbook Pricing & ethical guideline

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Whenever you have a doubt about prices,contracts, one of the advises that is given regularly in the american artists community is “according to the Pricing & Ethical guideline…”. I read that comment so many times that I ended up buying it this summer, in order to see what was all buzz about. And I’m happy, I did it.

I was pleasantly surprise to receive a nice box illustrated with their logo on it. I know, you are supposed to judge a product by his content  It is always nice to receive a product in a nice packaging rather that in a cereal box.The book jacket, illustrated by Noah Woods , is very colorful and nice. That’s for the visual part.

Now, is the book worth the 35$ (+  shipping)? Yes, I think so, pretty much. Not only does the book come with a lot of contract templates, tips, a guideline of prices used in the market, a very good explanation of the standard terms you should expect to see, and much more, but also it’s very well defined and covers most of the industry.

I think this book is a must in an artist bookshelf.


16 sep 2010

Interview: Samantha Hahn

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For the first interview after the summer,we have Samantha Hahn. I talked about her ethereal work last week, and now you will be able to find out a bit more about her. Please visit her website and don’t forget to check out her blog too. now enjoy!

How long have you been in the illustration industry and how did you start?
My mom was a freelance illustrator while I was growing  up so I always borrowed her materials and used her drawing table when she was not using it. I was exposed to fashion and magazines and I just loved drawing since the day a crayon was first put in my hand! I went on to study Illustration and receive my BFA from Syracuse University and then I went on for an MA in art education from Columbia University. After my masters degree program I focused on painting for a while but my heart was not fully in the fine art world. Read more

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