if you cannot do great things, do small thing in a great way.
You may not save the world, but you should do what you do the best way you can! No room for mediocrity. Show to the world, how brillant you are. […]

Quote of month: Napoleon Hill

Who didn’t see Chanel Iman in her Zuhair Murad dress? It’s all over the net… I had to draw it just for the fun of it, usually I would have […]

Fashion illustration: Zuhair Murad

Instead of thinking outside the box, get ride of the box
Inside the box, outside the box, square box, open or closed box…Come on, be yourself, ditch that box! Tweet it: Instead of thinking outside the box, get ride of the […]

Quote of the day: ditch that box!

The advantage of working in coffee shop for a freelance creative, besides drinking nice coffee, is that you can work somewhere else than your studio/home, you see people, different things […]

Review: app Coffitivity

illustration: the wedding of bestie
Who said you have to be all pompous and serious at your wedding? Don’t sweat yourself! Be yourself! Embrace your wild funny side,lol! If you follow me on instagram you […]

illustration: our bestie’s big day

Sponge Bob sweater by Moshino and Jeremy Scott
Last year, Sponge Bob stepped into the fashion industry thank to Moschino & Jeremy Scott. Find it funny and I draw it, I decide to make a vector version of […]

Mr Square Pants from Moschino