How to create a Youtube link with time ?

I found a page that create for you, a link to the specific start time in Youtube. It couldn’t be easier than that! Go to Youtubetime : Then add your Youtube url (the link of video)  Add  the specific time you want. Get your link and copy it !   Here a link to a  Wikihow  post, if you would like […]


Love and respect

illustration made with Adobe illustrator. Never forget that the only person in the all world that will always be there, in bad time and good time, is not your mother nor your children nor your special someone. The only person that will be with you until the very last day: it’s YOU. So, you better […]



Illustration made with  Adobe Illustrator. Halloween is back again! It seems that Halloween market in Spain is not as juicy as it was few years ago, October 2016 is more about Christmas than Halloween! At this point, next year Christmas campaign will start in September!



Mixed-media illustration  (watercolour,ink,marker and photoshop). I’m a huge fan of stripes top. This one is based on a marine Dandara jersey.  


How to: Visual tab missing in wordpress

Once upon a time I woke up, and my visual tab in wordpress wasn’t here anymore, I thought it was due to a bad update, or a my theme, but nope. And I was too lazy busy to look for a solution, I decided to go without. But the amount of time wasted, to style […]


Soul and Salsa Magazine/ Hair illustration feature

  This is my recent black hair illustration feature in the latest Soul and Salsa Magazine. Soul and Salsa is a magazine from Dallas about  Fashion, Entertainment and Education. Illustration is done with watercolour.  Topknot  is probably my favourite haircut to draw, it looks simple but there is so ways to do it. To commission […]


Jane Packham bridal illustration

Photograph: Esther Haase This is an illustration based on the beautiful Jane Packham silk- chiffon Bridal dress , that you could see in the May/June 2016 Bride (UK) issue magazine. The illustration is done with liquid watercolour, pastel and pigment Micron.   NB: I draw custom Bridal illustration, under the name of Perlina Prieta . […]

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Where is Applications in Mac?

So,here you are, time to put that brush (plugin/swatch…) inside one of the file of your Adobe product and…Jeez Louise where is ” Applications”? No, fear I got you covered (happened to me a couple and I decided to write it down in a post and share it, so none of us will go nuts […]

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