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Mr Square Pants from Moschino

Sponge Bob  sweater by Moshino and Jeremy Scott
Last year, Sponge Bob stepped into the fashion industry thank to Moschino & Jeremy Scott. Find it funny and I draw it, I decide to make a vector version of it. And for whom, doesn’t believe that Mr Square pants made it into fashion, here a picture of Rita Ora with it.

Mary Jane



A little bit of photoshop to end the day! I still need a bit more of practice to used to it again but, I’m glad with the result and that Mary jane came out.



spring, spring…




It’s always a bit odd drawing girls dressed as if it’s spring, when you didn’t see the sun for weeks!!!!  But hey, I’m not going to complain, as it’s distracting me from the rain :)

Craving for coffee

craving for coffee



Boy, It’s so hard to cut down on coffee… 3 days without a drop of coffee! How did I manage so far? Well, besides doodling coffee everywhere, there’s almost no chocolate left at home… Anyhow, I loved the sketch that I posted in instagram so I decided to go digital (actually vectorize).  The  line art of the sketch was done with micron brush pen then I vectorized and colored it with illustrator.


craving for coffee sketch



Dailylook: the little black dress

So, Dailylook invited me to create my perfect outfit for a special night out, like Valentine’s Day. Everybody knows, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. I must say, I had a lot of fun doing it. The brief was saying “perfect date night outfit”, but let’s face it, I’m a mum, so there is more possibilities, that hubby and I go out for coffee or lunch than for a night out. So, I decide to create two looks, one for the day and the other one for the evening. (told you, I had a lot of fun ;) ) .

Day outfit




skater dress - bag


This would be a day look , I would wear for a lovely coffee with my hubby.  I love wearing  practical clothes and carry a big bag (it’s like carrying my house with me) during the day ! I’ve got a thing for skater dress (I love drawing them!), and this bag is definitely in my wishlist.

 Night outfit



Pleated midi dress- envelope clutch

Not too fancy, but elegant enough for me! The best is that with that same dress, with less heels and the blue version of the bag in the first look, that would make a perfect day outfit.

It’s funny because about a year ago, I imagined and draw a little black dress and guess what I found a similar dress in the site of Dailylook



So, what do you think? Do they look alike?  What would be your perfect outfit?



Making of a Dior dress


This absolutely fabulous and interesting! This video shows a bit of the making of a Dior dress. I love those video as you always learn something new; I had no idea, that there were a job as plisseur (pleating)!

If you would like to find out a bit more about that job, here’s a video (in French) about a typical work day of the Plisseur Gerard Lognon.

No magic tricks…

No magic tricks, just work for it!

No magic tricks, just work for it!

I have been avoiding photoshop for a long time, partly because I’m a Adobe illustrator girl, I love vector but I can deny that Photoshop as a lot to offer; it always had but I wasn’t interested. Now, that I spend the last two years practising watercolours and markers, I can only predict that this year, photoshop and I, we may become friends again (Oh well, let’s not get carried away, just a little bit friendly :) )

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