Process: Je suis de bonne humeur!

Done with Photoshop. The illustration doesn’t need an explanation, right? Right now, my bubble is full of excitement and stress, I’m all over the place! And that so much emotions to handle, I want it to finish already!   From my sketchbook pencil and tombow. First it was just a doodle in my sketchbook. I sketched and […]

jp sears: The entrepeneur Life video

Fun Video: JP Sears

Let’s start this week in a good mood with JP Sears. This video parody about entrepeneur is really funny. So, beware if you check out his youtube channel for more videos! As you may end up spending your day watching him instead of “hustle” 😀


September: Back to “normal”

It’s official! Kids are now back to school over here. September means back to “normal” life with new goals, new routines,  new adventures. We create new bucket lists that are usually more doable and unlike to January, it’s easier to stick to new routines,. Is it because, we are full of energy after the summer or is it,  because you know that if […]


My new healthy lifestyle journey

Half of the year is already finishing! Time flies, right?  My only goal and probably most challenging one for 2017 is: Me. I decide that it was time to change, to really take care of myself, my health, my body and my mind. All at once.   The benefits of changing my lifestyle are so good, that it is not as […]


How to create a Youtube link with time ?

I found a page that create for you, a link to the specific start time in Youtube. It couldn’t be easier than that! Go to Youtubetime : Then add your Youtube url (the link of video)  Add  the specific time you want. Get your link and copy it !   Here a link to a  Wikihow  post, if you would like […]


Love and respect

illustration made with Adobe illustrator. Never forget that the only person in the all world that will always be there, in bad time and good time, is not your mother nor your children nor your special someone. The only person that will be with you until the very last day: it’s YOU. So, you better […]

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