Here , five simple facts about markers, good to know  if you want to try them. We are talking about alcohol ink markers which are use from fashion illustration to color digital stamp, scrapbooking…



1. First thing, you should know : alcohol ink are permanent, fast-drying and waterproof meanwhile water-based markers are non toxic, not permanent and suitable for kids (and adult too 🙂 ) .

2. Not every type of paper are suitable for markers. Try to avoid watercolour paper, as it will easily absorb the ink and may bleed.

3.   If you use pigmented India Ink pens, such as Faber Castell or Micron, to add details or outline the drawing, it  won’t bleed once in contact with the markers.

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4. Be careful to you use your markers in ventilated room, if not you may get an headache or eyes irritation.

5. One of the most known brand is Copic, they are great, great and expensive too, mind you, they are totally worth the price and lot of people will tell you that they are an absolute must-have.  Personally, I love them but guess what?  You can perfectly manage  without them! There are other brands that are cheaper and work as good at them or worth a try.

Oh I almost forgot, always put something under your paper while you color with markers, as you may stain what’s under!

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