That’s my go-to theory when people ask me why illustrations fees vary from one to another illustrators. Nowadays, people travel more and more, so it’s easier to understand it.


What do you want?

You want to go to XXX by plane.

Every Airlines has the same goal: take you from your departure point to your destination. Flying is their business.

Every illustrator has the same same goal: translate your vision into a drawing. Drawing is their job. And you want some illustrations.

There are  millions offers, so you are going to look for the one that suits you best .


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How do you want your experience?

What do you expect? 


  •  You just want the lowest price.

->Mandatory: cheapest flight that get you to destination. You don’t care how long it will take nor how it’s going to executed (huge lay overtime between flight, weird connection New York to Chicago via London (England), you do not want any extra (no insurance, confort,…), you don’t mind if it you are going to land in a satellite airport hours away from the destination you want.

-> The value that the illustrations will bring to your project is close to zero, you don’t care about the quality of the illustrations, you don’t need revision nor correction…


  • You want The best you can get for a reasonable

-> Mandatory: You want a direct flight, best price, to your destination or close enough.  If still on your price range , you may be open to purchase other services on board if need it (bar,duty free…).

-> You want  illustrations that clearly represent what you want, with the standard possibilities to correction and revision, the use of reproductions that you need, possibility to expand the uses (…)

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  • You want above all the full packet experience. 

 ->  Mandatory: You want a direct flight in a business class. So you expect, access to VIP lounge, welcome glass of champagne, newspaper, nice meal, comfortable seat with enough pitch to rest or work.The more services you would like to add, such as first class cabin instead of standard “business seat”, dine on demand menu, shower etc… the higher will be the fare.  Price is not really an issue, as long as you get the highest quality.

-> You want  illustrations that clearly represent what you want, more possibilities to correction, revision, exclusivity, copyrights, the more you want the more you pay…


Conclusion: The price doesn’t only depend on what you want but how you want it. Services and extras are influencing the final price.


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