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It’s official! Kids are now back to school over here. September means back to “normal” life with new goals, new routines,  new adventures. We create new bucket lists that are usually more doable and unlike to January, it’s easier to stick to new routines,. Is it because, we are full of energy after the summer or is it,  because you know that if you manage to survive summer with kids at home to entertain, while working, you can do anything, lol?

Learning while working

In my morning routine this year, I will be adding those three audio in my podcast list :

Let’s start a new adventure

I will have my own little booth for the first time in a event in Paris, October 14th.  I’m really excited about it. My head is all over the place though, since I don’t really know, what to do. No doubt, I will do some mistakes, but as said, Louisa May Alcott ” I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship”.  I’ll keep you update on how things are going.

Which podcast are you listening? What are you new plans? Are you ready to sail?

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