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What is the worst nightmare for a creative person? Be in front of a white pages and not being able to create.When I was in Nantes, I was literally surrounded with Art in every corner of the town, so much creativity that I kind of overwhelmed and wasn’t even able to doodle.Total blank!

If Creativity doesn’t show up, get out, do something else!

So I decided to forget about it. To enjoy my family holidays without drawing. Just having fun, visiting, eating, discovering, just being in the moment with the only purpose to have a good time.  On our way to the Hangar à bananes, I saw this huge Earth hanging from the sky ( actually a huge yellow crane).  and I was thinking that I could try to do one one those photos, where it seems like you are holding an big object between two fingers. It’s safe to say that I’m not a professional photographer 😀 . I tried a million time, I did not get one suitable picture. Still my sister was having fun and she suggested that she could pretend to hold earth with both hands ( I suspect she thought it would be easier for me) but it came out that way:
Be creative ! El toro y la luna- nadine mnemoi

Yes I can be that good sometimes…nah let’s pretend that I was so unfocus that I didn’t notice that the head of my sister was in the shoot 😀 .


 “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”_ Scott Adams

I was trying to figure out how I managed to take such “good” picture and the more I looked at the picture, the more I saw appearing a bull. A bull looking at Earth. It reminded me of a famous Spanish song. “El toro y la luna*” written by Carlos Castellano Gómez. It is about a bull, who fell in love with the Moon.



 Then, magically, Ms Creativity knocked at my door! My imagination started to brainstorm like crazy, on its own. What if the bull managed to be with the Moon? He left everything to be with her. How? Dunno, not important. What if the Bull and the Moon had a beautiful love story but now he miss Earth? He wants to come back, and so on… And started painting in a way that has nothing to do with my style nor what I usually draw. Creativity comes through different way, you just have to embrace it and let it flow.


There are different versions of this song, my favorite is the one of Marisol (famous Spanish singer and actress).

*The bull and the moon

And by the way, if you know any good tutorial of how to take good picture with an iphone, please leave a link in the comment 🙂


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