Don’t want to pay rush fee? If you really need all those illustrations for yesterday, right now. I can’t help you. But if you know, that you will need an illustrator (or any creative…) for your upcoming project, these 3 following tricks may be quite helpful.


3 things to do to avoid rush fee

    • 1. Plan ahead

Usually, it’s a First come, First served policy business. I know, a lot of time “freelancing” mean “multitasking”. But, if there is a 5 weeks waiting list, don’t try to be squeezed in within the first week. As it means for the artists, either reschedule customers or work extra overtime in order to meet all the deadlines. Thereupon an additional cost to you. So, plan your project with enough time. If you know that at some point in your project, you will need the services of an illustrator, don’t wait the last moment! Contact the illustrator with enough time and if their booking period is compatible with your project, sign up for the waiting list. If not, you still have time to look for another illustrator.

    • 2. Be realistic

Due to complexity, some custom illustrations may require a tremendous of hours of work. If you order several complex artwork to  be delivered in very a short time period. As a result, the price may probably increase. Hence, try to figure out, what the normal turnaround for that type of illustration and then decide accordingly.

    • 3. No overnight & weekend work

Avoid last minute big job on Friday evening for Monday morning. A lot of freelance do not work on weekend. Or a job to be done for tomorrow



Good and realistic timing usually keeps away rush fees!


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