You have a limited budget but you need an illustrator for your project. What should you do? A lot of customers have a tendency to hide it, in order to get the cheapest price possible. This strategy may save you a fews bucks but it is not the smartest move to get the best deal.

Stop playing game, say your budget

Get in touch with the illustrator of your choice. You will get the usual price, if you ask for a quote without specifying that you have a limited resource. If it’s under what you planned, good for you!!! But what if it’s over budget? Maybe, you just lost an opportunity to work with your favourite artist. Since most creatives are willing to work within a budget, if the price is acceptable for the amount of work expected. Which mean, they will adapt their work and services  according to your budget.

Therefore, you should state upfront what you can afford and what you are expecting for that. Then the illustrator will tell you if he will work for that price and what services you would get. From that point, you will be able to negotiate*, meet a middle ground and work with your favourite illustrator.


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