Done with Photoshop.

The illustration doesn’t need an explanation, right? Right now, my bubble is full of excitement and stress, I’m all over the place! And that so much emotions to handle, I want it to finish already!



From my sketchbook pencil and tombow.

First it was just a doodle in my sketchbook. I sketched and coloured it in photoshop, then I decided to turn it into a card. But you know I’m the vector gal so, I redid it in Illustrator


Done with Illustrator

It’s in French : “Je suis de bonne humeur. Les personnes toxiques, négatives, casse-bonbon et autres, sont priés de m’éviter merci.”. Which basically means “I’m in a good mood. Toxic people, negative people and sulker are request to avoid me.”  If you like it you would be able to buy  first at the Fair 🙂 !