Illustrations fees explained with the airlines fare theory

That’s my go-to theory when people ask me why illustrations fees vary from one to another illustrators. Nowadays, people travel more and more, so it’s easier to understand it. What do you want? You want to go to XXX by plane. Every Airlines has the same goal: take you from your departure point to your destination. […]

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Switch accounts in Instagram? Easy peasy

Yesterday, I learned a new thing about Instagram, that is going to make my life so much easier!!! You can finally have multiple accounts on Instagram, without having the hassle to log out then log in. Yep, just like twitter. Isn’t it awesome? How to do that? Go to settings Add account Write your username […]


How to avoid unwanted additional costs?

Is it a Super hero? Is it a Time Lord? Nope it’s just an illustrator. Sorry folks to break it to you, but we, illustrators don’t have super powers, we can’t go back in time, we don’t go faster than the speed of light and only have 24 hours in the day just like you, we are made […]


Happy monday

New week, new start! Remember positive thoughts attract positive people into your Life 🙂 . Drink your coffee and go get the world!!!


My illustration at Suebscope !!!

I’m not gonna lie, it pretty felt great seeing Sue B. Zimmerman giving me shout-out in her periscope #SueBScope for the #Scopepasssubday! I doubt, you do not know her but just in case, she’s the Instragram expert, the Instagal Queen of the Hashtags, I believe, she’s got an hashtag for everything, my favourite #shitton 🙂 […]


Never forget why you are hiring an illustrator!

The work of an illustrator is to turn your idea into an illustration. His/her artwork will communicate your story, express your vision to the right people, you need a bit more than a person that can doodle it in five minutes “like your neighbour’s nephew”. What you want is creative skills. And that’s what the […]


Mini tutorial: face rendering with markers

Although there are several ways to colour a face with markers, it is basically more or less like applying makeup: you need foundation, contouring and highlight. This is, how I did it for this drawing: 1. First the contouring with the darkest colour: cheekbones, forehead(hairline), under the neck, a fine line under the eyebrows and […]


Monday, newday…

Don’t hate monday! Make the most of it 😉

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