Yesterday, I learned a new thing about Instagram, that is going to make my life so much easier!!! You can finally have multiple accounts on Instagram, without having the hassle to log out then log in. Yep, just like twitter. Isn’t it awesome? How to do that?

Switch between account

  • When you open Ig account, hold on your avatar (bottom right)
  • All your account appears, just click the one you want


If you want to add another account (Remember you can manage up to 5 accounts! )

Add other accounts

  • Go to your the profile view
  • Click on the top right (3 lines)
  • Scroll all the way down and click settings
  • After that Scroll down until the login section
  • Select add account
  • Write your username and account. And you are done!

Now, when you want to switch account, you only have to click your name right on top of the profile!

A time saver tip, isn’t it? Now, I can switch from my  Nadine Mnemoi IG to my Creative Studio IG in a blink of an eye!


I have to thank   @gurriapu for sharing that gold discovery with me, if you are a Comic Art fan, you should definitely check his amazing account ( prepare to have your mind blown away! )