Today, I’m going to explain in few words, how I work when I draw a Fashion illustration (non digital). I will take you through the different steps of my work process. ( If you follow me in Instagram, you may have seen in the IG stories how I proceed)

The realisation of this drawing in particular took approximately 10-12 hours, from the concept to the result.







The concept: A woman beautifully dressed, tying a luxurious head wrap with a subtil touch of the 70s like the shiny dresses of Donna Summers . Hand drawn, markers. Main colours: red and black.

The moodboard:- I created a moodboard (picture above).

– I had spotted that red @Giambasttista dress, while ago. I love the concept of the dress, so I wanted to draw it in an illustration. In order to go along with the concept, I will have to do several adjustment to the design’s dress.

– I literally fell in love with the painting of Frederic Leighton ‘s painting Light of the Harem. There are so many delicate details and the colours are so soft and vibrant at the same time.

– Diahann Carroll wearing a beautiful floral head scarf.






With the idea and the mood board in mind, I started sketching. I did several sketches  and picked  one. ((I forgot to take a picture of the sketches).

Process of the drawing:

Drawing first the full body with a pencil, then the clothes ( including draping, mouvement of the clothes). After that, cleaning the unwanted lines .

Process of the colouring and rendering:

 I used alcool based markers, pens, watercolour pencils, pastel pencils and acrylic markers.

Colouring process  is a bit like putting make up, first you start with  the foundation, then you continue  with contouring highlight (etc…). You can see here a mini tutorial that I wrote about face rendering with markers.

3. Details and Finishing



Close up.


Finally, when the “make up” is applied, it’s time to add all the little touches that make the magic works.

I added the details with pen, gel pens, acrylic pen, pigment markers and alcool based marker.

And here you have that beautiful lady.