If you are planning to draw  in Procreate, and then upload the drawing and video in Imovie. Here, an advice so you will avoid an headache! Create an horizontal document in Procreate because Imovie will cut the photo. It won’t resize it. It will cut it. At the bottom and on top. Now, you know what I wish I knew before getting nut!



Here’s how to fix it


Oops, you read this post after drawing in Procreate and now that you know why it happened. You just want a solution. I can only help you for the picture.Turn your vertical image into an horizontal one:

  1. Open a new document (horizontal format)  in Procreate (photoshop…)
  2. Then import the image.
  3. Add a layer, put it under your image and create a background that will go well with the image (this step may be tricky depending on how simple/complex is your image)
  4. Saved it
  5. Import it in imovie.


As for the video, I’m afraid , I do not know the solution. Please let me know, if you figure it out!



Don’t forget: Create a landscape format, if you planning to use it in Imovie! I know I will , 🙂 . Below, the video, that could perfectly sponsor that post, since it’s the reason behind this post,lol. Please subscribe to my video channel!



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