About the Artist

Nadine Mnemoi is a French Spain-based freelance illustrator and designer whose creativity, authenticity, and positivity have all earned her the reputation as a thought leader. Over the span of a decade, she has gained in-depth design and illustration experience, drawing for prestigious companies and people, including but not limited to Afflelou, Banco, Herrero and la Costa Dorada. Within that time, she even crafted the first and foremost Comoran schoolbook  for toddlers.

When she’s not illustrating or designing, Nadine enjoys traveling to new and exciting places. She also has an avid interest in paper goods, gastronomy (cheese), and coffee. Infinitely driven to make others smile and feel great about themselves, Nadine Mnemoi is always on the look-out for creative ventures that inspire, empower, and engage, so feel free to reach out to her with any inquiries you may have.

Drop her a line!

To book her for an upcoming project, ad campaign or custom illustration. Please send an email at info@nadinemnemoi.com



"Life is bright and colourful, don't let grey cold days bringing you down!"