Travel: Nantes the eye candy town

February 5, 2018 | by Nadine Mnemoi

À table ! Tasty food for your stomach and some candies for your eyes

The Quartier Bouffay is a zone full of restaurants and bars, so there’s no doubt, you ‘ll find something that suit you.It’s Impossible to walk around without seeing Crêperies. As the historical capital of Brittany, you are meant  to see a tons of Crêperie  and “oui” the galettes  are going to be tasty, very tasty!   In some places, not only do they  serve delicious food but also their visuals identity are so inviting, that I had to look up for the designers :).

Le loup, le renard et la galette

( it’s word game, reference to a medieval nursery rhyme: ” Le loup, le renard, et la belette” trad. the Wolf and the Fox and the Weasel)

This charming place is right in the center. The owners are friendly and the food is heavenly! Vegetarian and non vegetarian will love it.

**The basic difference between galette and crepe: the galette is usually made with saracen, and you eat with salted ingredients, you can get full easily with one galette, so go easy 😉  (please note, the galette will be “brown/ black” but it’s not, I repeat it is not chocolate…); Whereas the crepe is usually internationally preferred to eat as dessert, it’s made with wheat, so it’s much lighter than a galette , however, it’s common to eat it with cheese, mushroom…

address: 19 Rue de la Juiverie, 44000, Nantes

Bleu- Neon did their amazing visual identity.

Le nid  (the nest)

“The Nid experience” is having a drink in a artsy place, with a 360º view of Nantes! This trendy bar is situated in the Tour de Bretagne.  Don’t forget to take pics with the giant bird! (I did forget 🙄 …)

Note: no hot drink after a certain hour (around 8pm).

The unique Bird, its eggs and the posters exhibited is the arts of Jean Julien

La mie câline

My one non negociable rule, as an expat, is Pain au Chocolat and Croissant for breakfast, whenever we come in France. And in Nantes, I discover for the first time, this boulangerie, let’s be clear, it’s a franchise. Still I love their yummy pain au chocolat!!! (sorry for the purists and anti franchise, but try living in a country for decades where it’s a common thing for the boulangeries (franchise or not) to add weird sticky syrup in the croissants and pain au chocolat…

I spot the name and their logo from a distance (The proof of the power of a good branding 🙂 ) The visual identity was revamped by the Agency Market value.

 Have a little walk…

You will find several places to choose to have a drink, to eat, and visit art galleries. (At night the Anneaux de Buren are illuminated)  . Don’t forget the sun cream as there’s no shadow in the promenade. Yes, there are sunny days in summer over there…

Yes, I absolutely crashed my healthy way of eating and I’m not even sorry…

  •  And if you are like me, always looking for a nice stationery store visit les Petits Papiers


Tips to visit Nantes

  • Follow the green line in the floor, it will take you to 53  must-see sites !
  • Take note that Nantes is a pedestrians / bikes friendly town, so you won’t find too much place to park in the center ( there are several public parking)
  • Don’t forget, in France shops close on Sundays and a lots of souvenirs shops and sites, like The tour of Lu, are not open.  La biscuiterie Trinitaine is opened.
  • If you love street art , you’ll be served 😉 (check out the painted electrical panel!)
  • You shouldn’t leaving the town without visiting Le Château des ducs de BretagneLes machines des îles,



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